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Since 2004 We have provided to our participants and customers with exciting nature events, trips and expeditions in the rainforests of Madre de Dios and highlands of Cusco - Perú. These expeditions have also created a value in the rainforest thus making it a competitive alternative to sustainable product such as lumber and gold mining.

The Jacamar Team works under the principles of environmental education, bird habitat conservation, and sustainable eco-tourism ideas; which translates to the practice of simple and effective management in nature, complementing the needs of any participants. The team is a group of specialized educators, knowledgeable professionals and expert in their fields, with also great people skills.



When the participants bird with us, they get the opportunity to experience quality of group interaction. excellent sights of the birds, diverse of habitats. We provide them with qualified field instructors and guides and interesting topics. As very well facilities were we go and stayed. 



To keep following this models of education and service, it represent the twenty-first century birding and conservation in action. 


Started on 2004 by Richard Amable. Initial activities with a group of friends included bird watching, exploring areas where birds congregate in numbers to do bird observation, bird monitoring, local education and habitat conservation involving local students. Today we have moved forward to tour guiding and leading birding tours in to the neo-tropical rainforest among Madre de Dios region of Perú and to the Highlands of Cusco. Our team continues to monitor birding habitats. We keep running birding activities with the locals, and working with local organizations to conserve biodiversity in Perú. This is our history and involve great people and skills.


2004 – In Puerto Maldonado, Richard Amable together with Carlos Huamani and Miguel Rios start a birding group and the first steps of Birding in Action Programs. In the same year we met birder Daniel L. Lebbin from Cornell University. Dr. Lebbin encouraged Richard’s team to form an organization to teach birding and conservation ideas to the community. Richard began teaching birding and using educational activities with students from around Puerto Maldonado where an appreciation for birding did not exist and habitat conservation was not thorough enough to protect biodiversity.


2006 – We received amazing donations of birding equipment (spotting scopes, binoculars and birding field books) from Emmalee Tarry and Birder’s Exchange (the American Birding Association).


2007 – Richard gains strength and appreciation by teaching more birding walks, talks, and classes involving students from SENATI Institute and UNAMAD University.


2008 – Peruvian expert birder. Renzo Zeppilli trained and encouraged us to develop field technical skills, ethics, and protocols to be fantastic field guides.


2009 – The group provides extensive wildlife data, field information, and assistance to wildlife researchers from Amigos Biological Station, Tambopata Research Center, Castella Film Productions, EBIRD.com world wide data base, to the Peruvian Bird Record Committee, and the websites like Xeno-cantos.org


2010 – Jacamar Club is established as a tour company operating birding and nature trips to the Madre de Dios region and highlands of Cusco region.


2011 – The “Amable” family made a significant donation to Jacamar Club of 65 acres (25 hectares), of pristine Amazon Rainforest land along the Madre de Dios River, to promote wildlife research, education and bird conservation in south eastern Perú.


2012 – The donated forest land becomes "Luz M. Melendez Private Reserve". This Sanctuary is established as protected property in honor to Richard Amable's mother. Initiating the preservation of the flora and fauna for areas near Puerto Maldonado in southeastern Peru.


2012 – In this forest Sanctuary, the "Camp" was built as a basic field station: a floor raised on stilts, a palm thatch roof, mattresses on the floor and basic stove and latrines. We hope to build a more sophisticated building in the near future.


2013 – Jacamar Club designed 7 nests for parrots. We hung the nests 80 feet (24.5 meter), above ground to supplement natural nesting sites at Luz Marina Forest Preserve.


2014 - Director Richard Amable moved to the Unite State, He became as part of the Audubon Society of Ohio,  do program talks and speeches,  frequently join for the local birding trips. He is learning more and bringing back many experiences and stories to share in Peru...


2016 -  Richard Amable partner with Voice of America Metro Park in West Chester: He has designed five wooden nest boxes for American Kestrel, all hanged between 16 to 20 feet above ground, attached to life trees and posts.

2017 - Jacamar Club received amazing donations for the Birding in Action Program. The birding equipment is donated by  Shamus M. Terry of Vortex Optics, Other US organization help too.

2018 - We partner with Vortex Optics, The team has grown and the force become stronger. The Birding in Action and  the events for birding class gets more effective. 

2019 - Remarkable Interpretative Birding Classes has been presented in several sites of Peru, We partner with the Leaders in Bolivia for more educational program focus in the conservation of the key species of birds. 

2020 - A new program has born "Women Birders" the program created to empower women in the good ecological practices of birding & birdwatching in Peru and Bolivia. Through this program the women in the community will be able to increase their leadership and knowledge in conservation and ecotourism. Also, this will make a difference in their communities as they can represent their communities and will lead the changes in local conservation behavior, helping to prevent gender violence and discrimination. Finally, it will benefit directly to the conservation of local birds.

2021 - Plan is to develop for first time the Madre de Dios River  Birding Festival.


Hope a lot more is coming. We want to build a capable field center, with 6 rooms, 1 kitchen, 4 restrooms, a library, and a conference room. We want to help to develop more birding groups in Madre de Dios and rest of Perú and Bolivia. We want to keep developing more nature trips for genuine ecotourism. We believe ecotourism is a key for conservation. We  want to expose our participants to opportunities to see many more birds. We want to encourage people to participate as ambassador of national parks, preserves, concessions and private protected forest for conservation, also tried the best meals, shopping for beautiful Peruvian handicrafts, jewelry, and wood decorations produced by locals...


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