Responsible Birding Education & Outings


Sponsored by Jacamar Club and Vortex Optics

"Sharing birding helps local ecotourism and conservation in Peru and Bolivia"



The interpretative Birding Classes are quality workshops and is manage to introduce to all participants to the most common and not too common local birds in the ecoregions of Peru and Bolivia. Also include visits to the local initiatives of ecotourism and conservation in designated routes. This program is create to perform a series of activities improve the environmental education, ecotourism, conservation and citizen science to protect bird habitats and ecosystems. LEARN MORE...


The “Women Birders”, a program created to empower women in the good ecological practices of birding & birdwatching in Peru and Bolivia. Through this program the women in the community will be able to increase their leadership and knowledge in conservation and ecotourism. Also, this will make a difference in their communities as they can represent their communities and will lead the changes in local conservation behavior. Finally, it will benefit directly to the conservation of local birds. LEARN MORE...


This Team of professionals works under the principles of environmental education, bird habitat conservation, and sustainable eco-tourism ideas; which translates to the practice of simple and effective management in nature, complementing the needs of any participants. The team is a group of specialized educators, knowledgeable professionals and expert in their fields, with also great people skills. LEARN MORE...


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