Lead by Richard Amable and arranged with the local and responsible company

About 230 bird species move through the greater Cincinnati area, This region is  well renowned for its important global network for bird conservation of North America. During the spring season vigorous warblers and songbirds arrives to forage and mating, some nest local and others go farther up north, also waterfowls makes their presents to lakes and rivers. The nature parks system provides quality in different habitats, all needed for wildlife diversity. All together create a pack for for ecotourism experience.

Cincinnati Urban Birding to Local Nature Parks (Full Day)

$ 95.00 Per Participant

Limit 5 Persons

Birding to Shawnee State Park (3D/2N)

$  Per Participant

Limit 5 Persons

Birding to East Fork Lake and Waterfowls (Full Day)  

$  Per Participant

Limit 5 Persons

Early Spring and the Wood Warblers (7D/7N)

$ 1500.00 Per Participant

Limit 4 Persons

Birding Workshop - Eastern Wood Warblers in Northern Ohio (FREE)

Limit 6 Participants 

Birding to the Wilds and More (2D/1N)

$ Per Participant

Limit 5 Persons