For all the interest, the passion, and hours of field work. We have enormous privilege thanks to all those Scientists, Researchers, and Educators that cross the country and the region of Madre de Dios, for bringing exclusive information of field biology and conservation to our present and the future generations. THANKS...


- June 11, 2007 by Joseph A. Tobias and Donald J. Brightsmith; Scientific Report; Distribution, ecology and conservation status of the Blue-headed Macaw Primolius couloni.

- January 10, 2011 By Peggy L. Shrum; Scientific Report: More records of sympatry of Black-faced Hawk (Leucopternis melanops) and White-browed Hawk (Leucopternis kuhli) in Madre de Dios, Peru.

- January 24 –25, 200 By  CEPF and World Bank Operations; Briefing Book: Tropical Andes Hotspot: Vilcabamba-Amboró Conservation Corridor  Peru and Bolivia. (Latinoamerican Forun, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


- December 21-24, 2010 by Amable Richard and Tilman Wendland; Field Report; Curso interpretativo de observación de Aves  en Cocha Machuwasi y sus alrededores. (Version en Español).

- September 25, 2010 by Richard Amable: Field Report; Salida de campo; Aves de la carretera Pastora, una Experiencia de Naturalistas. (Version en Español).


- January 15 2010 by Toledo Joelson and Richard Amable; Field Report; Recently reported sighting of Brazilian Teal (Amazonetta brasiliensis), in Southeastern Peru.


- September 3rd – 12th 2011 by David Southal; Birding Trip Report: Río Tambopata, Madre de Dios, Perú (Including Posada Amazonas, Tambopata Research Centre and Refugio Amazonas).

- August 24-26, 2013 by Richard Amable; Field Report. Registro; Aves de Corto Maltes Amazonia y sus Alrededores, Madre de Dios - Peru. (Version en Español)



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