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Client Testimonials

In 2013 I traveled to Tambopata. Richard was my guide for 1 week after an organized tour with 2 other tourists. Since that time my great wish was to make a tour beginning in Lima, down the Manú river, then up the Manú river to the end of the reserved zone and staying in the Matsiguenka lodge. So in 2018 I asked him to organize this tour and to be the guide only for me.


The 1st day the famous Renzo Zeppilli accompanied us to the national reserves Pantanos de Villa and Pucusana close to Lima. Then we flew to Cusco and started our tour. Richard choose a very good and nice driver, which drove us to Shintua, the end of the dangerous street. We had 10 days for driving down. So we had enough time to see the different zones of the rainforest (e.g. the different animals and special vegetation like bamboo). Then we had an excellent boat driver which brought us up the Manú river to the community-based ecotourism Matsiguenka lodge owned by the communities of Matsiguenka. Here we stayed for 5 days to discover the majestic nature and wildlife. After this great experience we drove back to Cusco by boat and car.


Richard brought his complete equipment, e.g. a spotting scope and voices of birds on his smartphone. He choose very good lodges. Sometimes we were the only guests. Richard does also bird classes for young people living here in order to sensibilize them for there nature. I was able to visit one of these. 


I had 2 bad accidents before the tour. Richard and our boat driver always helped me.


Richard is a very great guide. He knows all the animals which live here, including hummingbirds (we have seen also the very rare hummingbird (the Koepke's Hermit), monkeys (also the emperator tamarins) and butterflies. He knows also all the plants. I recommend this absolutely great guide and the non-standard tour the to everybody who is interested in the different parts of the rainforest zones and the animals, plants and so on living there. See also https://www.jacamargroup.com/richard-amable.


Last but non least I will also say thanks to

- Renzo Zeppilli

- Leo Gonzales, a great biologist and also a birder, 

- Juan, the boat dirver 

- the staff in the lodges

- and all the people we met

 I didn’t feel as tourist but as friend.


My recommendation: If you want to do a very interesting and unusual / nonstandard tour, do this with Richard. No other travelling agency offers such a long and interesting travel.

Ursula Maers

Set 20, 2018 



We were guided for birding in Peru by Richard in 2013 and 2014. Since we had been satisfied with his professional and helpful guiding in Peru, we requested the bird guiding in Ohio in an early week of May 2018. When it comes to the professional bird guiding, I have no doubt he is an excellent bird guide. That why we requested the guiding this time in Ohio. Actually, we could see and photograph many key birds including warblers.

After this tour, we are going to be guided again by Richard Amable in October 2018 in Peru.

Hisao Komori 

May 17, 2018



Dear Richard Amable

It is hard to thank you for all the many things you did for me because there were so many. You have proven yourself a grade "A" guide and natural person for the job. I know your interest and other skills are many and you do them well and will probably continue to do them well or better. 

In 2011 I new immediately that you were some one who would get ahead and I see that you have. So glad you found the right mate and can enjoy being with your little boy as I did mine. I wish you a lot of luck and happiness and hope to see you again someday 

Much love 

Elizabeth Bourquin 

October, 2017




As a wildlife filmmaker, I have travelled the world since the last 15 years. I pictured animals in a lot of different places in the world and I have met many guides.

I have to admit that Richard Amable is certainly the most amazing guide I have ever met. During 2 months, he was my guide while I was making my documentary about the amazon rainforest.

Richard has an incredible knowledge about the creatures that live in the forest and he knows very well how to encounter them. Every day spent with him was a real adventure full of emotion and surprises.

Richard is also a very easy person to deal with. Every time there was an issue, he found a solution in a quiet way.

I recommend strongly Richard Amable to everyone that would like to live a fabulous experience in the rainforest.


Jerry Swift 

Writer and wildlife filmmaker.


August 2013




Letter to FieldGuides: John Rowlett & Rose Ann Rowlett


Dear Folks:

John will not remember me, but on your Dry Tortugas tour in 1991, I caused you to come running from one side of the plaza to the other by playing a Connecticut warbler tape - a long way off and softly, I thought.  John, you sure have  (had?) good ears!  I didn't go on another Field Guides tour (lack of funds) until this past December-January, when I went to Oaxaca - a very nice trip and lots of birds.

However, I'm writing this letter, not to socialize, but to tell you about an exceptional bird guide I ran into in Peru.  You do a lot of Peru trips and you might want to use him.  His name is Richard Amable and he's been guiding tours for RainForest Expeditions, Lima.  They assigned Richard Amable to our group of four people on a trip last October to three of their lodges on the Tambopata River, upstream from Puerto Maldonado.  He met us at the airport when we first arrived from Lima, and stayed with us the full time until we got on the plane again to go back to Lima.  He was most enjoyable to be around and extremely helpful  in all the different kinds of trip logistics.  But his birding skills were the most impressive.  He knew the songs of all the birds we encountered and would seek out the birds and lure them into view so we could all see them - not easy in the jungle.  Oftentimes he'd have the bird in the scope before I could find it with my binoculars.  For calling them in, he had prepared an iPod(?) of bird songs, most of which he had recorded himself over the last few years.

Richard Amable is from Puerto Maldonado, 27 years old, and evidently taught himself, at least at the start, how to be an effective bird guide and how to speak English.  His hearing and eyesight both seem to be exceptional.  His e-mail address is propyrrhura@yahoo.com


I write this letter, not at his urging, but as a friend who was very impressed with his skills.  He also knows the birds well on the Altiplano as well as on the Andean slope, I believe.

I like Field Guides and your group of guides, and I wish you well!


S. Parker Gay, Jr. 

Applied Geophysics, Inc

October, 2010 




This is to certify that Richard Amable (guide) had employed the Filming of Macaws on 17th Jan, 2009 and successfully completed the Filming of 30 days.

I hereby guarantee that Richard Amable is a model guide for the on-location filming of this documentary in Peru.


Title  “Darwin has come: The New Legend of Life”.

This is a series of environmental documentaries of educational purpose.

This time we will introduce behavior about Macaws in Peru.


Masazumi Komoda - 

Producer in Nature & Science Programs Division

NHK Enterprises, Inc.

January 2010,



Arrangements all went well with transfers etc. We got a great start to our birding when we were shown a Great Potoo and chick on a tree by the airport! Our Guide, Richard Amable was superb in every way.

Carolin Schneider

November 2010,